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Since I peppered you with all the bad stuff in the winter and spring, I thought it would only be fair to share at least three awesome things that have happened to me lately:

Thing 1: Vacation

My vacation was wonderful. We had good weather all week, my sister cooked us terrific meals, we lounged on the beach, and no-one got sunburned. Okay, Boo got one red patch just above her hip, but it wasn't that bad, didn't even peel. She also bicycled something close to ten miles over the course of two or three days, which isn't bad for a seven-year-old. A+

Thing 2: Weight Watchers

Even after going over my extra points allowance on said vacation (But I kept track! I didn't give up!) I still managed to lose 5.6 pounds at my next weigh-in. Yes, it was a full week..and a bit...after my vacation, but I was still pretty happy. Even if mentally add back the pound of blood I gave earlier in the day. :) Weight loss to date: 20 pounds.

Thing 3: External Parenting Validation

As I suspect many parents do, I just try to get through each day hoping that nothing I'm doing will turn out to be the next front page Worst Parenting Thing Ever story on Time magazine. But I had a bizarre moment at Target last week that, while it's right out of a fake validation story on [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck, still made me so happy I kind of have to share the joy.

Taking Boo clothes shopping is an experience. She loves to try on clothes (she obviously did not get her fashion gene from me), and any clothes excursion means trying on basically everything in the store. The upside is that she's actually pretty quick with each item, does a couple of moves and then critiques it, and she's done. And she loves to try on the clothes, so it's not exactly a hardship for me because all I have to do is sit there and watch her have a good time.

In this instance, she had, no kidding, about thirty or more things she ended up trying on. We weren't on a schedule, so it wasn't a big deal. We were in the home stretch, about twenty-five pieces down, when someone knocked on the dressing room door. Boo said "Someone's in here!" and a voice on the other side said, "Are you her mother?"

Oh crap, I thought. What have I done? "Yes," I answered.

"I just wanted to say that you're amazing with her," said the disembodied voice. "You're just wonderful."

Okay. This just does not happen. I was completely floored. I managed to babble something grateful and thanks-like and she was gone.

WTF? Also, :) and \0/

Of course, I can't remember a word of what I was saying to Boo prior to this validation of my parenting technique. I know we had a discussion about dressing room surveillance (which was followed by ways of preventing stealing followed by theft techniques--I suspect she didn't hear that one) and recessive genes in eye/hair color, and I think there was a talk somewhere in there about the difference between knitted and woven fabric. Who knows. In any case, someone thought that a random sample of my parenting was pretty good. I'll take that. :)

So, three good things and counting. :)
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