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I have now officially lost 50 pounds. \0/ I weigh 187 pounds, and have shrunk to size 12 jeans. It's really weird, because now when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my body matches what my mental picture of myself is. I have another 32 pounds to lose before I get to my goal weight. It's kind of odd to realize that I'm more than halfway there.

The best thing, though, is that I don't feel like it's been this huge torturous process. Sure, I've had to make an enormous adjustment in how I eat, but it wasn't a painful one. I can still have meals that I really enjoy eating (to be honest, I enjoy eating my meals a bit more), and I can also still have stuff like ice cream and cake and pizza and hamburgers (and, again, I kind of enjoy them more because now I have to plan them and it's a bigger treat). I haven't had to give up anything. Well, except cream and sugar in my coffee, and frankly I kind of like that because the coffee stays hotter longer and there's nothing like a slug of unsweetened coffee to really wake me up.

In other--related--news, my triglycerides have plummeted to 230. Yes, this is still pretty high, but one of the heretofore undisclosed reasons I went to Weight Watchers was that they were over 800 the last time they were checked. The lower number was after seven months on WW and about 40 pounds, so my hope is that once I hit my goal weight my cholesterol will have continued to go down with my weight.

Also, although neither was high to start with, my pulse dropped by about ten beats per minute, and my blood pressure was down another ten psi on both diastolic and systolic.

My depression has been way better this winter, too. In addition to the fact that the weight loss and the attendant going to meetings and paying attention to myself has probably been good for my mental health, I've been on the higher dose of meds for a year now. I also ditched my hormonal birth control back in October because I finally got tired of the extreme mood swings. I've also been using light therapy and "get out of the house once per day even if it's just to buy a cup of coffee" therapy. I've had a few bumpy days, but in contrast to last year--when I basically spent the entire months of January and February in bed with the covers over my head--it's totally dealable.

So, yeah. Everything's good. :)
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