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I'm re-posting and backdating this from my Facebook. I made this post because a lot of people I see regularly read my Facebook and I wanted them to know why I fell off the face of the Earth. Now that I'm posting about this on LJ as well, I wanted the background to be here for the record. So:

This is an FYI. I hate to update just for bad news, but I've been putting this off hoping it would go away. (Because that always works.)

Some of you will recall when I had the Evil Virus of Doom in grad school, and in fact had to drop out of grad school for a semester (thus missing that Beowulf seminar, not that I'm still bitter or anything). I seem to have caught a similar EVoD, the main symptoms of which are extreme weakness and exhaustion. I started feeling sick around Rosh Hashannah, but I started to feel really bad about three weeks ago. My life is currently arranged around the number of trips I can take up and down the steps per day, and how many days per week I can shower. I have no idea when I'm going to get better, but if past history is an indication it could be another couple of months.

I have been to my doctor, and his diagnosis is pretty much the same one that I got the last time: This is probably a lingering virus that I'm just having trouble kicking. It even started the same way, with a double whack of what seemed like an ordinary virus. He did some blood work just to be sure there weren't any other obvious causes, and told me to rest, drink fluids and eat a healthy balanced diet. (Crazy, I know.) I'm supposed to go back in a week or so if I'm not feeling any better.

But the good news is that I expect this to go away on its own eventually, and don't think there's anything to be really worried about. It's mostly just annoying and inconvenient and very, very dull, but not life-threatening or likely to cause any serious long-term problems. Not unless my brain dribbles out my ears from boredom.
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