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I am pin-less, cast-less and have the ability to be splint-less at will. I still have a couple of stitches in (literally, like, two stitches), but those will be coming out next week. I'm cleared to do pretty much anything I want so long as it doesn't hurt beyond certain parameters. At the moment, those parameters are very small, but it's nice to be able to eat a meal without worrying about breaking my pins lifting a soup spoon.

Medical Details )

Personal Details )

The timing of all this good-feeling is fortuitous, as it turns out. Boo's school is going to be closed today and Monday because more than 30 kids (about a quarter of the student body) and half the teachers are sick with the flu. They haven't specified if it's H1N1 or suspected H1N1, which irritates me greatly because, hello, I'd like to know, but the school is advising everyone to avoid other people for a few days. The Jewish Community Center will be taking kids from Metro schools in the daycare-aftercare program, but kids from Akiva need to stay home. That means it'll be just me and Boo. As much as it's inconvenient, and as much as I don't want Boo or me or Al or anyone else to get sick, it's also kind of nice to be able to take care of my own kid for the first time in weeks. :)

We have also released Tom back into the wild. Or tried. We opened up the garage door for him, but as of a few minutes ago he was still hiding under his favorite shelf. He seems to be very well healed up, no sign of his injuries apart from a slight bald patch on his foot. Boo has been taking care of his medication for that last few days, and has proved a very able assistant.

In other words, the household is on the mend. :)

ETA: I should really learn not to tempt fate by posting things like the previous sentence. Right after posting the above I realized that I didn't actually feel that well. Current condition: sore throat, aches, fever 100 degrees.

I would headdesk, except that would hurt. I'll headpillow instead.
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I had my penultimate orthopedic visit today. It went very well, and I'm on track to have the pins removed on May 11. Yay!

There was only one hiccup. The doctor had initially intended to remove the cast and put me in a splint for two weeks. This would have the advantage that I would be able to take showers without wrapping a plastic bag around my arm...and not much else. I wouldn't really be able to take off the splint otherwise, and would have to be very, very careful so as not to break the pins in my wrist. I am not a very, very careful person. When I expressed this to the doctor, he asked, "Well, do you just want another cast?" and I said, "That would probably be best."

So, I have Bright Pink Cast #2 (they didn't have purple or yellow, the other two colors that Boo had requested, so I reverted to the number one color choice). It hasn't been too bad wearing the other casts, and I would certainly rather put up with two more weeks of plastic wrap in the shower rather than risk breaking the pins. I'll have the cast on for two weeks, then I'll go to the doctor and get it removed the Wednesday before the surgery. Presumably I can go for five days in a splint without damaging myself. We'll see. :)
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I got a new cast today. It is, as the subject line suggests, green (at the request of Her Booness).

Boo had decorated the pink cast with kitties, sunshine, a flamingo and family portraits. I made sure to take pictures, because I was pretty sure the cast would be too unsanitary to keep around. As it turns out, though, the unsanitary inner layers of gauze and stockinette could be peeled away and discarded, allowing me to preserve the fiberglass part. If I can find my camera cable, I'll try to post the pictures.

They did more x-rays, and everything still seems to be in place. The doctor says I'll be in this cast for three more weeks, then in a splint for two weeks, then I'll have one more surgery to take the pins out. The pin removal is apparently miles simpler and less painful than the first surgery, and I should be ready for physical therapy within a couple of weeks. Physical therapy should take six months to a year, so in the shortest-case scenario I'll be finishing up my recovery a little over a year after I first fell. Next time, I'm landing on my head.

Details, details )

Onward and upward. :) I feel that I can do everything that's really important (well, okay, almost everything :)). I certainly can find plenty of ways to be occupied and happy. The good things are getting better, and the bad things are diminishing. Can't ask for more than that.
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Note to self:

If you haven't driven in a month, and therefore haven't drunk your regular post-school-delivery regimen of coffee, it's entirely possible that when you do test your cast-impaired driving ability by going to the coffee shop and drinking a large coffee at four in the afternoon, you will find yourself writing journal posts at 5:45am.

Just FYI.
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Five Ways In Which My Life Has Improved A Lot:

1. I can type using up to nine fingers with minimal discomfort (for some reason my pinkie is taking a while to get back in the game). Only short periods right now, but considering that on Friday I couldn't even press the keys, this is pretty darn stellar.

2. I can open bottles, cans and other food packaging. This means that my husband no longer has to leave a cooler of sandwiches and a certain number of pre-opened bottles of water for me when he goes to work.

3. I can go up and down the stairs as I darn well please. Free access to the kitchen is good.

4. I can take a shower almost all by myself, instead of having to have the assisstance of my entire family. If I could just figure out how to open and squirt out the shampoo with one hand (okay, and wrap my own right arm in plastic), I'd be golden.

5. I am taking about half the amount of pain medication I was taking last week. It might *sound* fun to spend six weeks stoned on various members of the -codone family, but the reality is that I can't wait to get off the stuff. Obviously, I'm choosing to continue to take it because, well, pain sucks, but I feel that the pain is also approaching the point where I can see the end of it.

In short:

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I have a new cast. It's about half the size and a third the weight of the post-op splint/cast. It is also bright pink because my daughter asked if I was getting a pink cast and I said no (because I seriously had no idea that casts came in pink.) I'll apparently be getting the chance to experiment with other colors as well, because the cast will be changed every couple of weeks.

Healing seems to be proceeding. The doctor took out the stitches, and x-rays showed that the pins seemed to in the right place. The new cast leaves my fingers completely free, so as soon as I work out the post-op swelling and stiffness I'm hoping I can return to two-handed as opposed to one-fingered typing.

I'm still having to take quite a bit of pain medication, but I can also tell that, as promised, the post-op pain is rapidly dwindling. I'm hoping to be off the pain meds sooner rather than later, and I also hope to be driving again soon. All in all, things are looking up.
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Hey this is Jinjifore's spouse Al. Jinjifore has asked me to make a quick post updating her condition. She's been through the surgery and is doing fine. The procedure went well according to the doc. Her entire right arm is in a plaster cast from her fingers to her elbow. She is taking lots of really good medication for pain and so she is doing mostly fine in that department. She will be going back to her doctor on Thursday for a checkup and a new cast. She says Hi to everyone out there and cannot wait to type her own posts soon.
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I'm going in for my surgery at 11am today, which means that I won't be able to type for a while (even, I suspect, with the really good drugs :)). Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll be back on the internets within a few weeks. Take care, all! :)
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My surgery is scheduled for March 2, two weeks from Monday. I am very pleased. :)

It seems as though everything is going to go pretty much as I described in my earlier post. I'll be in a cast for about two months, then I'll have to have a second surgery to remove the pins. After that, it will, hopefully, be merely a matter of recovery and physical therapy.

Full Disclosure Section (with bonus whining) )

In the meantime, I've cheered myself up with a little self-pampering: painting my nails. So far, they have been wine-red, purple, orange and chartreuse. (My toes are pink and sparkly, but I assure you that it wasn't self-inflicted. I merely point to this as evidence that I love my daughter. ;))

In closing, I'd like share an exchange I had with the stewardess on the plane I took from Wyoming around the first of the year:

Stewardess: Did you hurt your arm skiing?
Me: Sadly, no, nothing that exciting. I fell on the stairs.
Stewardess: Oh, dear. Are you right-handed?
Me: Yep. And, of course, my favorite things to do are knitting, crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles.
Stewardess: Have you taken up drinking?
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When I went to the physical therapist last week, I'd increased my range of motion by about 30 degrees. This is very, very happy news. :) We'll see how it goes with the surgeon Thursday.

My new nimbleness did not, however, keep me from losing my grip on my debit card and sending it sliding over the dashboard and neatly into that tiny, tiny gap between the windshield and the dashboard. Seriously, it freakin' disappeared down there. Fortunately, I was using an ATM at a bank branch, so after I'd spent about two minutes realizing that there was no way I would ever get it out of there (barring the invention of a Plastic Magnet), I walked into the branch and got a new card. Luckily, the glass below the dash is tinted, so I don't have to see my card wedged down there mocking me.

Side Note: Part of my physical therapy excerises are done with a ball, so I bought an inexpensive substitute for the squishy rubber one they had. Boo, of course, feels that the purpose of a pink, blue and purple swirled toy ball is to be played with, so we laid out the rules about the ball never leaving Mama's room, and always being returned to Mama's chair. Naturally, the first time I turn around, my *husband* has nicked the ball and is playing with it in his office.

Also, a memo to Torchwood fandom: Glenn Miller. G-L-E-N-N.
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I am highly medicated, so I am typing for my own little self.

I consulted the surgeon today. He was a nice, funny, confident and eloquent person who gave me Lortab. I like him. :) Although the MRI results weren't terribly conclusive about whether or not I had a torn ligament, further x-rays showed that I have a tilted scaphoid bone. Misalignment of that bone usually *is* the result of a torn ligament, specifically the Scapholunate ligament. Given the length of my (non) recovery, the kind of pain I'm in, and the site of the pain, the clues do seem to point to a torn ligament. (To use the surgeon's analogy, if it looks like dog poo, and smells like dog poo...:))

There are a couple of things I can do about this. )

To sum up for those who wish to skip the icky medical details under the cut: I'm going to do physical therapy for two or three weeks, then I will probably choose to have surgery to try to repair/replace the damaged ligament. Surgery recovery might take 8-12 weeks, then it might take as long as a year to recover completely. I'll probably lose some flexibility in my wrist, but the doctors say that I *shall* knit again. :)

PS--The pictures I've linked to come from a helpful and informative article called Ligament Injuries of the Wrist.

Arm Update

Jan. 26th, 2009 08:43 pm
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This is being typed by my helpful husband.

As I mentioned in my last entry, two months ago, I fell and sprained my wrist over Thanksgiving. I have just been back to the doctor for a third follow-up and my options are apparently surgery or waiting--again--to see what happens. Since my arm does not seem to have gotten any better in the last two months, I suspect surgery is in my future.

I wanted to update to let people know why I haven't posted. I know that this isn't exactly unusual for me, but I have been reading and following and desperately wanting to join in the conversations. Hopefully I'll be back to typing (and knitting and writing things and being able to using my right hand) before too long.

I'm consulting a surgeon on Thursday and I will dictate any pertinent details to my minion for transcription when the time comes.

Take care everyone! :-)
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This is one of those good news, bad news posts.

Good news. I have no broken bones.
Bad news. I missed the bottom step over thanksgiving, broke fall with right wrist and still can't use right hand.
Good news. I had finished nanowrimo 5 days earlier.
Bad news. Crosswords now hard to do with crappy left-hand writing.
Good news. Sudoku.

(Bad news. Capital letters hard one-handed.
Good news. Textwrangler "capitalize sentences" function.)


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