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It is finally the end of the Longest Passover Break Ever. Boo's school was closed from March 26 until this morning. I have lost count of the number of games of Clue I have played.

Actually, I was a crappy mom for most of the first week. My allergies were horrible and I spent a lot of time stuffed with antihistamines, rousing only when prodded by little hands for feeding time. Boo was really great about letting me sleep off the stupid allergies and mostly amused herself. I did take her to my knitting group and we had a play date with a knitting pal's grandkids, so I wasn't 100% crap in the mom department. I also made it up a bit this week with the aforementioned Clue marathons and with taking her out places. It's really amazing how nice mom/daughter time is when mom doesn't feel like crap.

We drove over to my hometown last weekend and visited my parents. My dad has just finished moving back into his parents' old house and it was cool to see what he'd done with the place. He's planning to sell the house across the street where I grew up, which will probably be a bit of a wrench when it actually happens, but for now I think I'm happier to have someone in the old farmhouse. We took Boo on a tour of the old farm buildings (several of which really, really need to be pushed over before they fall over).

Being at my grandparents' place also made me remember that I might not be completely useless in a post-apocalyptic world, should there still be need to milk cows or grade tobacco. Just don't ask me to twist off a chicken's head or fix a tractor. But when Dad started talking about maybe hooking onto the newly-available city water, I remembered certain things that I now take for granted. For instance, it took years before I learned that when one lives in a place with a central water system, when the power goes out, the water still runs. Really. I think I was in my mid-twenties by the time someone explicitly explained to me that it was, in fact, okay to take a shower and flush the toilet during a city power outage. :)
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